How To Turn Big Data Into Useful Information

Big data into information

As an independent business owner trying to use different forms of business intelligence to make better decisions, it’s crucial to have high-performing software on your side.

QStride is a certified partner and reseller of the MicroStrategy platform, which integrates information from business operations as well as transactions incidental to your website, mobile website, and social media profiles. All of this information is collected and available to you and your staff in one suite. You can manipulate information from different platforms and decide how it will influence your business strategy.

Big Data is especially useful when you’ve purchased a powerful form of business data software. Imagine your clothing store sells products online and in bricks-and-mortar locations. Every financial transaction that occurs online and in a store becomes a piece of data. With a big data solution, this information is easily recorded and stored.

Companies like yours typically utilize a data storage facility to safeguard their data. If you let aggregate data sit there untouched, having data access at your fingertips isn’t helpful. You can streamline everything from online marketing strategies to inventory ordering and sales techniques by analyzing stored information. Business intelligence software lets you select custom ways to view your data and analyze it, everything from tables, charts, and graphs to lists of customers who might be interested in purchasing a new product based on their previous purchasing history with your company.

We enhance user decision-making by offering many versions of data dashboards and visual representations of data. We make it easy for you to access and interpret data wherever you are using almost any computer or mobile device. Before you consider an enterprise data solution, contact QStride for our free consultation software. Based in Michigan, we are eager to help independent businesses around the world improve efficiency and increase the accuracy of decision making.