The Three Most Commonly Asked Questions at MicroStrategy World 2015

We’re in the second month of the first quarter, and so far it’s been a successful first month into 2015 following the end of MicroStrategy World 2015 in Las Vegas!

Here is a quick recap on the three most commonly asked and answered questions to the Qstride team during World:

1.  I’m interested in your MicroStrategy consulting services, what options do you offer?  

Qstride understands new projects are constantly arising and the right fit is essential to completion of any MicroStrategy project successfully. Whether your needs are for MicroStrategy implementation, presentation and delivery or management services, we will help you get the most out of your BI platform providing a technology Return on Investment. If your need is outside of MicroStrategy professional services, we fulfill various specialized Information Technology positions too.  Just ask!

2.  I want to customize my MicroStrategy Platform, can Qstride develop a customized platform?  

Qstride will work directly with you based on your needs and requirements for your MicroStrategy platform, which will be facilitated by one of our subject matter experts to help you add new or change your MicroStrategy functionality.  Qstride has vast experience in all industries ranging from retail, financial services, hospitality and gaming to education just to name a few.

3.  What makes Qstride the difference in business technology solutions?  

Qstride, achieves quality in strides and secures its’ resources to cater specifically to your business needs as a multi-disciplined technology solutions provider, focusing on business intelligence, analytics and high-end IT consulting services. We have three strides in the delivery of quality to you.

The first is a complete analysis of a client’s data to increase company metrics (KPI’s) and overall business performance resulting in a clear measure of business analysis and profit margins. The second is the evaluation of a customer’s system infrastructure and implementing the most reliable, scalable and powerful BI, Analytics, and Data Warehousing technology stack available for integrated reporting, analysis and monitoring. The final stride is delivery, Qstride prides itself on quality and deliverables.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit the Qstride staff and to all those who contributed to the success and outcome of Qstride’s presence during MicroStrategy World 2015!

As a token of our appreciation, Qstride is offering a cursory review of your MicroStrategy Architecture to ensure that your architecture is following standard and best practice principles at no cost.

Email us at for additional information or any questions you may have.

To your SUCCESS and we hope to hear from you again soon!


Qstride, Inc.

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