Tech Startup Founder & CEO Named “Detroit’s Tech Entrepreneur,” Receives Vanguard Award

Emerging technology services startup QStride continues to “make strides” as its Founder and CEO Shane Gianino was selected by Detroit Young Professionals to receive its prestigious Vanguard Award.

The Vanguard Awards profiles the outstanding efforts of young professionals and entrepreneurs growing and excelling in their respective fields. These individuals influence the growth, prosperity and quality of life in Metro Detroit. They demonstrate the ability to positively impact the area long-term through professional accomplishments and community involvement.

This year’s theme for the 6th annual Vanguard Awards event is “Leaders In Motion,” fitting well with what Shane has accomplished to date, successfully launching a boot strapped startup in April 2012 and more than doubling company revenues in 2013 ($739m startup year) to $1.5m in 2013 and is forecasting sales approaching $3m in 2016, all self-funded and via internal generation of earnings, proving QStride is a successful, second stage startup poised for further growth.

VanGuard Award Pic01Like most entrepreneurs, Gianino had the long road to success.  Early in life, he demonstrated perseverance in the face of adversity, including death for that matter.  At age 17, Shane was diagnosed with cancer.  He barely graduated high school that year due to the disease but did not let that get in the way.  Gianino beat the battle with cancer and accomplished his goal of graduating with his senior class in 1996 at Mt. Clemens High School.

“Never quit.  Get back up if you get knocked down,” said Shane Gianino, Founder & CEO of QStride. “Overcome your fears.  Devote yourself to an idea and go make it happen.  Do not let anyone tell you can’t accomplish something or let any adversity get in your way.  You can only achieve your dreams when you start believing in yourself!”

Shane continues to demonstrate this same perseverance in the face of adversity daily and his determination to grow QStride into a $50+ million tech services company, while positively making an impact in his community through civic engagement and volunteerism.

“Volunteerism is important to me as it is about significance, giving back and helping individuals and the community at large so we can together make a difference in improving lives, strengthening communities and solving problems,” said Shane.

To meet Shane at the Vanguard Awards Thursday October 13, 2016, which will be held at the newly renovated Cobo Center downtown Detroit, combining striking views of the Detroit River and Windsor Canada with architectural and design features that compliments Detroit’s reemerging city, Click here to register and join the celebration!