QStride launches “QuickStride Developmental Summer Internship Program,” Positions College Students for Career Success

After researching the benefits of an internship for both organizations and college students, Founder & CEO of QStride Shane Gianino became eager to launch a summer internship program that would have an impact on students and Detroit’s economic growth.

The internship referred to the “QuickStride Developmental Internship Program,” aims to provide a “hybrid experience” for college students where they are able to learn a multitude of skills ranging from marketing, social media, human resources, technology, networking, and sales.

The internship opportunities consist of roles in technology such as Web and mobile application development, business administration such as sales and marketing, human resources such as recruiting and talent acquisition, and general administrative support assistance. “Getting a taste of each of these roles are important for the students’ personal development and overall career goals,” said Brittany Weaver Recruiting Coordinator intern for QStride.  Students who are chosen for this program will make lasting connections, learn QStride’s field within technology, engage in hands-on projects, and most importantly gain valuable hands on industry experience working for Detroit’s leader in technology solutions and specialized talent acquisition services.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE) 2009 Experimental Education Survey 67.7% of 2007-08 interns were offered full time positions upon graduation. This statistic provides support for the idea that interns are among the most motivated in the workplace. High motivation and drive results in an increase of productivity and efficiency which goes to show that internships facilitate a successful future.

One of Shane Gianino’s main focuses is positively impacting the community through civic engagement and giving back to the community of Detroit. “Launching the QuickStride developmental summer internship program will help college students gain professional experience that will complement their college education and position them for career success,” said Shane Gianino CEO of QStride. The company has found it is beneficial to provide a paid-internship which will help strengthen the student’s financial situation and growing Detroit’s economy as a whole.

College students who are junior or senior level are encouraged to apply with their most updated resume at info@qstride.com.  The QuickStride Developmental Summer Internship will run from May – August 2017 with possible future employment opportunities.

About QStride

QStride is the difference in business technology solutions! We are focused on delivering the best Information Technology talent and Business Intelligence solutions for businesses. We understand what it takes to help businesses solve problems and sustain a competitive advantage and this is why QStride is recognized by its customers as a leader in what it does.  Visit the company’s website at www.qstride.com or watch this quick marketing video on YouTube to learn more.