Qstride Hires IT Professionals of Michigan

Detroit, Michigan, December 11, 2014—Today, Qstride will hire IT professionals for the incoming year at Automation Alley’s Technology Atrium in Troy, Michigan from 11 A.M till 7 P.M. Prospective candidates from all over Michigan have reserved their spot for in-person interviews with Qstride’s recruiting team.

Qstride has created alliances all throughout Michigan and the country with companies in various industries: from the financial to marketing industries.

“Michigan has a couple different high profile advertising campaigns to attract people to live in Michigan, but with our growing shift to IT and all of what that encompasses there is no bigger force bringing people to Michigan than the IT staffing agency,” said Jason Chapman, Account Executive of Qstride.

The recruiting team of Qstride prides itself on understanding the candidates’ needs to deliver results based on their skills, background, and meeting their long-term goals with their future employer.