Microstrategy Placed as Top Vendor for BI Platforms on BI Scorecard


The results for the 2013 BI Scorecard are in, and MicroStrategy, partner to QStride, was placed at the top of the list in all fourteen categories for BI Platforms.

Business Intelligence Scorecard surveys companies dealing in Business Intelligence (BI) Software every year. The goal is to differentiate the best companies and products for users of BI products before deploying them for use within their company. It is a strict and detailed process, allowing for hands-on tests that assesses the products on over three hundred specific criteria. Results are adjusted on a quarterly basis to handle new versions of software on the market.

For the third year in a row, MicroStrategy was placed number one for BI Platforms. In 2013, the company stood alone in its ability to score at least a “good” rating in all of the fourteen categories. Eight of those categories allowed a score of “excellent.” However, this is not the only outstanding achievement. The highlight of the results surely point to MicroStrategy being the only vendor surveyed to receive an “excellent” rating in the “Mobile BI,” “Administration,” and “Architecture” categories. The company also received the highest rating among all the vendors in the “Ease of Use” and “Visual Discovery” categories.

The founder of Business Intelligence Scorecard, Cindi Howson, identified that these achievements are “a testament to their focus on innovation and BI Platform architecture.”

MicroStrategy is the leading provider of enterprise software platforms across the globe. They are dedicated to providing “the most flexible, powerful, scalable, and user-friendly platforms for analytics, mobile, identity, and loyalty, offered either on premises or in the cloud.” Only recently did they launch the MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop. A simple and quick download allows for end users to gain valuable insight from their own data through visualizations, dashboards, and sharing processes. The program can be handled by anyone, regardless of his or her personal IT skills. It is an extraordinary advancement in Business Intelligence Software.

As partner to without argument one of the greatest BI Platform providers on the market, QStride prides itself on its abilities in innovation and development. Being a MicroStrategy partner surely is a testament to QStride’s quality and efficiency. As a BI software provider, we at QStride pride ourselves on our ability to give companies the tactical advantage, allowing them to properly utilize data and reports to create a better business.

As noted, BI Scorecard adjusts the results from their survey quarterly. As new products are released throughout the next year through the partnership of MicroStrategy and QStride, the survey results can only get better. At the end of 2014, MicroStrategy is sure to continue its reign as one of the leading vendors in Business Intelligence Platforms.