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Like many companies in the IT consulting and staffing industry, QStride pursues high-end talent by referencing its expansive professional networks and efficiently vetting potential candidates for IT qualities that fit its clients' needs.

Unlike companies in the IT staffing and recruitment industry, QStride confidently sets an even higher standard of expectation on potential candidates. As a hands-on business technology solution provider with practical in-depth BI experience we accelerate our clients’ core competencies with extraordinary hand-picked talent.

As a high value brand that champions experts in IT, programming, and software our clients know that they can consult QStride for their advanced BI, data warehousing, web application development, mobile application development, and general data needs.


You’ve decided to take your business technology infrastructure to the next level. Or maybe you’re looking to build out new software to improve your business’ efficiency. Regardless of what your goal is, the quality of your IT team will make or break the outcomes of your next technology project.

At QStride, we understand the importance of building the right IT team. We are a provider of technology solutions ourselves. Therefore, we have the first-hand experience and knowledge needed to now what differentiates ‘good’ from ‘great’.

We also understand that team members are people, so we take a holistic approach by not only figuring out the technical requirements that need to be fulfilled, but also the personal chemistry that needs to exist.

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QStride continues to shine and thrive, honored as Detroit TechWeek100 Rising Startup Winner!

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QStride launches “QuickStride Developmental Summer Internship Program,” Positions College Students for Career Success

After researching the benefits of an internship for both organizations and college students, Founder & CEO of QStride Shane Gianino became eager to launch a summer internship program that would have an impact on students and Detroit’s economic growth. The internship referred to the “QuickStride Developmental Internship Program,” aims to provide a “hybrid experience” for… More Info…