QStride started out in April 2012 of a Panera Bread in Troy, MI while moonlighting and eventually upgraded to a box of an office in January 2013 for a couple years, literally, 252 sq ft with 5 desks. We called it the bull pen.  The company came a long way during these past 6 years, all self-funded and bootstrapped model, growing close to 200% YTD. QStride is now a top100 ranked technology solutions provider.  We are focused on delivering the best Information Technology talent and technology solutions for businesses globally. QStride understands what it takes to help businesses solve problems and sustain a competitive advantage and is why QStride is recognized by its customers as a leader in what it does.

The key to QStride’s success story is its people. We are built on a foundation of world class talent and believe our employees are our best asset. QStride is continuously seeking to acquire high caliber talent which will contribute towards the continual growth, innovation, and advancing our customers mission.  We are committed to honoring the Lord in all we do by operating the company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles. Serving our employees by establishing a work environment of quality of life and company policies that build character, integrity, strengthen individuals, and nurture families is what drives us.

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