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The Three Most Commonly Asked Questions at MicroStrategy World 2015

We’re in the second month of the first quarter, and so far it’s been a successful first month into 2015 following the end of MicroStrategy World 2015 in Las Vegas! Here is a quick recap on the three most commonly asked and answered questions to the Qstride team during World: 1.  I’m interested in your… More Info…

Holidays Increase The Amount Of Data On Consumer Behavior

With humans as walking data centers, plugged into our mobile devices, notebooks, and laptops we’re constantly surrounded by information. This information is accessible to companies to gather and utilize for consumption, interactions, and behaviors of humans. A necessary component of product development. In the recent years, data is what makes-up the fibers for companies to… More Info…

What Problems Big Data Can Address

Business owners often hear about the problems business intelligence software can address and may decide incorrectly that their business is too small or too complex to need it.

How To Turn Big Data Into Useful Information

As an independent business owner trying to use different forms of business intelligence to make better decisions, it’s crucial to have high-performing software on your side.

MicroStrategy Launches MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop™

Extraordinary Advances in Analytics with Free Visual Data Discovery Offering Desktop Product Brings Fast, Easy-to-Use Analytics to Business Users, Freeing Them from IT and Budgetary Constraints Tysons Corner, VA, October 22, 2013 – MicroStrategy® Incorporated (Nasdaq: MSTR), a leading worldwide provider of enterprise software platforms, today unveiled MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop, the company’s new desktop-based product… More Info…