Business Intelligence Software’s Biggest Emerging Technology

BI software

Business intelligence involves managing many kinds of electronic data. From inventory levels to labor hours, a business organization can use this data to make intelligent decisions. One example is accessing the units of a top-selling product remaining in your warehouse. You might compare this number to forecasted sales for the product over the upcoming week. If you know you will have less product available than the forecast for your product will require, you will want to arrange a special shipment to arrive sooner. Here it’s important to alter your business routine and get more product. You must avoid running out and disappointing customers.

An important trend in business analytics software this year is how you, the end user, can assume greater control of your data management. In the industry, we call this visual data discovery. Imagine not having to know anything about making queries in a massive company database. Visual data discovery lets you customize the dashboards you view in business intelligence software.

Take information from your dashboard and immediately customize it for presentations or share it with colleagues or clients through options such as email and instant messaging. You’re never limited by the delay it takes for another employee to give you a data report.

Leading companies in business analytics software provide server-based solutions, but also offer cloud-based services. A top data analytics dashboard with visual data discovery works on most computers and mobile devices with an Internet connection.

Having business data at your fingertips empowers you to analyze employee productivity, products, supplies, utility costs, and endless data points. Never lose pace in your hectic business life because you can’t access data on demand. Contact Qstride, a Michigan-based provider of business intelligence software solutions, by completing our web form. Get free consultation software or schedule a soft call today.