Business Intelligence Software Installation and Configuration

When you contract with a company that offers a complex but comprehensive business solution, then you rely on that company to be experts at installation and configuration. Business Intelligence is a process that integrates with your company’s computer network to gather real-time data and generate reports that are relevant to the company decision-making process. A true BI installation relies on the human interaction within a company as much as it relies on the ability to accurately collect and utilize company data.

Part of the installation process for a BI solution understands what your company already has and how the BI solution will fit into your existing network. Our experts work closely with your IT staff to do a comprehensive overview of your computer network and determine where changes need to be made to create an efficient system. In order for a BI program to work, all of the segments of your network need to be able to communicate with each other and exchange information quickly. The preliminary installation evaluation determines what you need to create that necessary and seamless network.

The installation and configuration parts of a BI program work hand in hand. As our experts are evaluating your network, we are also working with your management team to determine what kind of functionality you will need from your Business Intelligence system.

We work with you to identify the flow of data within your company and then create categories where that data can go. As the data is filtered into its various segments, our BI system begins to generate customized management reports that your company uses to monitor company progress and make any necessary changes.

Our installation and configuration process also takes into account mobile access and cloud intelligence as well. If we can utilize cloud storage and computing to maximize your BI solution, then